Artist of the Month: Ali Meizels, photographer extraordinaire


Someone who deserves notable praise is our very own photographer right here on the KO News. Senior Ali Meizels is a gifted photographer with clear natural talent. Ali always knew she loved to take pictures, but she started taking photography seriously in middle school. It was when she came to Camp KO for a photography camp the summer before eighth grade that she learned about photography as an art form. “Ever since then, I’ve been hooked! I got my first DSLR (a Canon Rebel T51) when I was a freshman, and I still have it now,” she said.

From KO News to Retrospect, Ali is extremely involved with photography in the KO community. “Photography has definitely been my biggest involvement at KO and has defined my high school experience,” she said.  Ali has taken photos for the KO News since she was a freshman and is now the head editor. She is also one of the head editors of Retrospect and frequently goes to many games and concerts with her camera to take pictures for people. “I think in general it’s just really fun to be the person who everyone knows takes photos at school,” she said.

Outside of the community, Ali runs a small business where she takes portraits of people. Although it is challenging with KO’s busy schedule, she tries to prioritize taking photos. Ali loves capturing something raw in the moment. “Photography is unique in that it captures a moment exactly as it is; there’s no way to lie about the contents of a raw photograph,” she said.

Last year, Ali was recognized for her talents and was granted the Rosoff Fellowship which gave her a stipend to pursue a photography program in the summer.  “I did a photo workshop in Paris which was incredible. I’m so grateful to KO for giving me that opportunity,” she said. Creative arts teacher Greg Scranton has worked with Ali on her photography since freshman year and has seen her grow as an artist. “Ali has been one of my more diligent students in the sense that she’s working hard to get better with each picture she takes,” he said,” and I think that’s relatively rare because photography is what  you put into it, but she really strives to capture more interesting subject matters or more challenging lighting situations.”

Although Ali is not attending art school, she plans to continue photography after high school. “My dream would be to work part-time as a freelance photographer in college, and depending on where that path takes me, possibly pursue photography after college graduation,” she said. Ali said that she would love to become a wedding or concert photographer. She would also love working for a publication like National Geographic. “The amazing thing is that photography could take me in so many directions,” she said. “I am not sure if I’ll end up pursuing photography as a career, but I know I’ll never stop taking photos.”