Going (Donut) Crazy


West Hartford Center has been known to keep up all different types of trends and fads by adding a different type of restaurant that matches each fad to somewhere in the center. The most recent installment is none other than Donut Crazy; a donut place known for it’s outrageous and creative donut flavors.

Donut Crazy is conveniently located in the center albeit on the outskirts which can make parking difficult. However, the long walk from the parking lot only burns the calories you will gain from eating their delicious treats.

The interior of the store is vibrant and follows a modern trend. They have neon donut signs and pop art posters all along the walls. They offer some seating but it is mainly a “grab and go” type of place.

The room is so bright as soon as you walk in your main focus is the glorious donut case. Filled on the top two shelves are their “dailies” which consist of generic donuts that you would see at a Dunkin or a Krispy Kreme and are priced at $1.19, which are $0.20 more than dunkin but are 20x better.

We ordered eight donuts total, three dailies and five crazies. The three dailies were the “Bowl of Cereal”, Boston Cream and Strawberry Frosted. The “Bowl of Cereal” was basically the donut version of Milkcraft’s cereal themed ice cream cone, however eight donuts from Donut Crazy will cost you the same as two ice cream cones from Milkcraft.

The dailies from Donut Crazy at the end of the day are superior to Dunkin’s first set of donuts. The flavors are far from artificial and so fresh tasting. I could actually get a strawberry taste when I tried it and the Bowl of Cereal will satisfy all your morning cravings.

The crazies were like something I had never quite experienced. We ordered the Cannoli Donut, The Black N’ White, Stuffed Cookie Dough, and the Sweet and Salty. Every presentation was flawless and mouth watering.

The Cannoli Donut was everything in the title and more. Expecting it to be a vanilla frosting, I was surprised to learn that the filling was the authentic cannoli ricotta filling. It really was a cannoli donut and it was as delicious as it was accurate.

The Sweet N’ Salty Donut was made of dulce de leche dip, sliced in the center and filled with chunky pb mousse, wrapped with chocolate, topped with pb pretzel nuggets and dulce de leche drizzle all centered around a donut.

This donut sounded and looked delicious, but it was so filled with flavor that really all you could taste was the peanut butter. The donut I believe was just too overwhelming and looked better than it actually tasted.

The Black N’ White donut however, was something like I had never seen. It consisted of ½ vanilla ½ chocolate, half-dipped in milk chocolate and oreo crumbs, and half is dipped-in vanilla chocolate and nilla crumbs. Not only was it delicious, but it was massive as well. I personally preferred the vanilla side rather than the chocolate side, but that is my preference.

The Stuffed Cookie Dough Donut or what the West Hartford location called the “Dough Boy” will give you the perfect combination of coffee and donuts and cookies and milk. You can pair this donut with any breakfast beverage.

This donut was filled with house-made cookie dough and fried, half-dipped in milk chocolate, topped with a dollop of cookie dough and a dusting of donut sugar. This was my favorite donut, because it was not over presented and the flavors came more and more alive with every bite.

Donut Crazy is located at 993 Farmington Ave, West Hartford, CT 06107 and could be reached at (860) 206-3918.