Player of the Moment: Desiree Davis


Senior guard Desiree Davis is the girls player of the moment for her dedication on the basketball court. Davis has been one of the leading scorers for the past three years. Recently, Davis committed to Southern Connecticut State University where she plans to further her basketball career. “It is a good fit.” Davis said. “I loved being on campus and I loved everything about the team.”

In the first game of the season, the athletic department recognized Davis for scoring her 1000th point in the last game of the previous season. “It was so nice of them to recognize me on my home court,” Davis said. “It has been a dream of mine to receive that 1000th point ball and it meant so much to me to have my parents out with me at center court.”

Scoring her 1000th point in her junior year is something to be very proud of as not many players are able to make this accomplishment so early in their career. Davis has been able to put the ball in the hoop for so long and it was nice for her to get some recognition for this.

Junior forward Audrey Decker said that Davis has made her transition to the team a lot easier. “Desiree is so fun to be around,” she said.“We are always having a good time in practice with the music playing,” Decker said.

Davis said that although the team has started off slow, they are looking forward to the KITS to get the season going. “KITS is a great time of year, and a high point for the season” she said.

Junior Co-captain guard Angelina Maselli said she has been playing with Davis since her freshman year which really helps with the overall chemistry of the team. “She will always push you to get better in practice and help you get outside of your comfort zone to make you a better player,” Maselli said.

“I really like playing with Desiree,” senior Co-captain forward Jane Dunbar said.“It’s fun playing with someone who’s so talented.”

As the KITS approach, everyone is on edge and very excited. Davis said that she is extremely excited but also very saddened by this year’s KITS. The KITS are always one of the highlights of the season, but this year will be Davis’s last time playing in front of the energetic crowd in Hewett Gym.