To spike or not to spike

In the Middle

What is Spikeball? Spikeball is a fun volleyball-type game with no boundaries. This sport is always active and in order to win, players need to be quick on their feet.Most often, spikeball games erupt after school in or around the Middle School courtyard. Sometimes, games occur in the field house or even indoors on special occasions.

Most of the main spikeball players are those who stay after school since they get most of their practice during this time. Consistent players are mostly eighth-graders, including Devin Wolff, Ethan Shames, Matt Champagne, Ethan Leshem, Jacob Joseph and Christian Rivera. Many of the students enjoy getting this time to play and bond with their classmates outside of the classroom. “It’s a fun game and I like playing with my friends,” Wolff said.  

Rivera also enjoys playing and showing his skills. “I like to hit the ball at the rim and then insist it was a pocket shot,” he said. In spikeball, a pocket keeps the game going, versus the rim which is the other team’s point.

Aside from its obvious fun, spikeball also has a serious side. “We just make amazing plays, we go behind the back, through the legs; it’s like basketball except spike ball,” Wolff said. Champagne agreed. “This game can be really intense like in the tournament in October” he said. “Everyone is focused on the game and making sure every play is their best.”

During the championship game for the Spikeball tournament, Wolff and Leshem faced off against Rivera and Joseph. This intense game went to 21 with Leshem and Wolff coming out on top.“When we won I felt invigorated,” Leshem said.

Next year, the new eighth-grade students will take over and will be led by current seventh-grader Cole Banning. He is a formidable force and will dominate the 2019-20 season.