Volleyball ends 3-1

In the Middle

Middle School volleyball had an unforgettable season, achieving three wins and only one loss to Rectory School. Many on the team found this season to be both fun and exciting. Volleyball practices were filled with laughs, jokes and lots of dancing.

The skill level between when players first walked in and when they finished their season was incredible. Head Coach Stacy Tomkiel expressed how happy she was this season and how upbeat it was.

“I feel like the whole team was the MVP for the most part,” she said. The team worked together so well at games and acted as one. The saying, “power in numbers” perfectly applies to these athletes.

Some of the goals for the season were going for the volleyball and not being afraid to bump, set or spike. Others included serving and communication skills.

“I really do think our team got better at serving with all the practice and the advice from our coaches and we just started becoming more focused,” eighth-grader Evelyne Beaulé said.  

There were many highs during the volleyball season. A few of the best were the three wins the players attained as well as all the dancing. A couple of the most popular warm-up games were Steal the Bacon and Blob Tag.

During the last game at Marie Philip School for the Deaf, many of the players stepped up to win the game. The final score was 3-0, a major win for KO volleyball. “A lot of our players had really improved especially showing off in this game,” eighth-grader Ellia Claffey-Hesseltine said. “In general, it was one of our best games of the season.”  

Overall, the team experienced a spectacular season. The season as a whole showed a substantial amount of improvement, leadership, and determination.

“The fact that this program just started playing other teams, I thought we did an amazing job for a new team with a lot of new players this year,” Coach  Tomkiel said. “I hope we can play more games next year… hopefully, we can get some team to play us on our Fall Sports Day.”