A Committee for the Community

In the Middle

This year, Mrs. Dunn notified 11 eighth-grade students about a new system in place to help our Middle School organize the numerous fundraising ideas that students have and to coordinate when they occur.

The fundraising committee consists of eighth-graders Quin Kearney, Jordan DiMauro, Alex Arnold, Alina Vaughn, Annabelle Jacobs, Eli Brandt, Hana Roggendorf, Mac Lewis, Madi Oh, Olivia Dufresne-Achatz, and Sarah Cioffi. These students were chosen because they either held a fundraiser in the past year or made announcements about a cause and collected money to support it.

The committee has four roles: two co-chairs, Jordan and Quin, one secretary, Sarah, two treasurers, Eli and Alina, and regular board members, Alex, Annabelle, Hana, Mac, Madi, and Olivia. The positions were decided based on what roles students voted for.

The fundraising committee meets once every week to discuss how they can raise money. In order for a specific fundraiser to be chosen, students have to make a pitch to the group that includes the organization and how the money is to be raised.

Before this system, too many fundraisers were being pitched to Mrs. Dunn; therefore, the committee was formed to improve how they would choose each fundraiser. “We choose three different fundraisers for the first semester and three for the second,” Co-chair Quin said.

The most common fundraising ideas are dress down days or requesting that students donate items, such as toys or food.  One dress down day per month is allowed; therefore, one fundraiser is assigned to each month.The fundraisers for the first semester were March For Our Lives, which was a dress down day and walkout, pitched by Jordan and Quin. The day before winter break was a Pajama day which raised money for CCMC (Connecticut Children’s Medical Center) pitched by eighth-grader Hallie Braunstein.

Lastly, a dress down day and animal photo contest was held on January 18th. This event included a free photoshoot with a student’s pet for Animal Fostering and Animal Safety, pitched by sixth-grader Miya Scranton for the Animal Fostering Organization.

“I think that this committee exposes these students to a great leadership role and lots of responsibility,” said Faculty Advisor Mrs. Dunn. “The students are the ones in charge and are always leading the meetings.”

Co-chairs Quin and Jordan both believe that the committee is effective and raises a lot of money because of the fundraisers. “Our goals for the future are to raise more money and help the less fortunate by contributing to the community,” said Jordan.

Three more fundraisers will be considered for the second semester of this year. Students who would like to make a pitch can attend a meeting during advisee group or a study hall.