Fashionista of the Month


Consistently adding a bright and fun tone to the KO campus, junior Juanita Asapokhai loves to represent herself through her fashion sense.  Everyday we can expect stylish and creative outfits from her. Juanita mainly loves to shop at Marshalls because they have great prices and many exciting deals. Along with this, she shops at H&M, Forever 21, and Charlotte Russe. All of these stores have many different options to help show off her unique ways. When describing her styles in a few words, Juanita stated that her outfits are a reflection of how she is feeling that day when putting together the overall look. In addition, she loves to observe and get inspired by people that wear fascinating clothes. From there, she mixes, matches, and adjusts it to fit her own personal style and avoid copying anyone else on campus.

On the weekends, Juanita says that her clothing options are usually more relaxed and comfy because she doesn’t need to be aware of following the everyday school dress code. “There is more flexibility so I usually wear a dress or something easy to lounge around the house in,” Juanita said. At school, Juanita wears a lot of skirts with sweaters and tights based on the specific season. Her outfits are always varying, but they often stem from a standard interest or love of style. She also loves to add a variety of earrings to her outfits to add a pop of interest. When she wears a plain or less standout outfit, she makes sure to either match her earings with her shirt, or wear extravagant earrings to stand out. Along with earings, Juanita also loves to wear rings and other sorts of jewelry.

As a favorite piece of clothing, she loves to shop, buy, and wear sweater dresses. “I love to wear these [sweater dresses] because they are easy to throw on, very warm, fit well, and get everything you need from a dress and simple outfit,”  Juanita said. Her dresses, skirts, shirts, and overall outfits are mainly based around darker colors with a splash of brighter tones for fun; she also loves to wear a lot of yellow to show off her trendy styles. Although her looks are very noticeable she doesn’t have a particular favorite brand, but instead pays attention to the clothes she wears rather than the name that it holds.

Some inspiration for Juanita is  the wide range of YouTubers such as Hitomi Mochizuki, Sammi March, Rian Phin, and Vereena. Within each individual, they have unique styles but varied trademark elements to make them different from the rest. “An example of their uniqueness is when Vereena attaches colored barrettes to her pants to match the color scheme of her outfit,” Juanita said.  “Hitomi’s use of sleepwear and menswear as outer layers is also original.” Although she does not specifically dress like any of these YouTubers, she has the mindset that the fashion abilities are endless for everyone.

Lastly, Juanita states that she thinks that everyone in high school is their own trendsetter and inspired by everyone’s styles around. She is not particularly sure if she herself is a trendsetter, but that as a whole, everyone can build off of each others looks. The KO community looks forward to seeing all the awesome fashion looks that Juanita will continue to show off!