Girls squash smashes its way to victory after mid-season hiccup


by Conor Caneday ’21

The girls varsity squash team started out the season with a 4-0 record, beating teams such as The Ethel Walker School with an impressive score of 6-1, and sweeping Suffield academy, Millbrook School, and Canterbury School with a 7-0 score.

It wasn’t until back to back losses against Choate Rosemary Hall and Westminster School that the team struggled a little bit. The only person to win in both matches was sophomore Isabelle Berckemeyer. She played a tough match in the number three slot, pulling out a win.

“After those tough losses, everyone decided to set new goals for the remainder of the season,” Head Coach Cameron Biondi said. “The goals could be as broad as having confidence when playing or as specific as improving their drop shot.”

The goals that each player set seem to have improved the players’ skill. This can be seen in a recent 5-2 victory over Kent School on Jan. 19.

“We had multiple players who performed well,” Coach Biondi. “We had a shortage of players so a lot of players were playing up. I’m very proud of many of the players.”

There were two players whose performances made them stand out. The first was senior Claudia Petrie. Petrie normally plays in the fifth slot, but due to a shortage of players, she had to play in the fourth spot. In the first game, she couldn’t pull out a win. But, after the hard defeat, Petrie went on to win the next three games, and the whole match. “Claudia recentered herself after the loss and went on to win the match,” Coach Biondi said. “I was very impressed by that, and that’s why she stood out in that match.”

Another stand out player was freshman Amrita Natarajan. Natarajan’s match was the closest out of all the match ups. She played a five game match, winning multiple times in extra points. Finally, after the long and grueling match, she pulled out the win. “It was the first five game match she won,” Coach Biondi said. “Everyone was so happy for her, and she got praise and congratulations from everyone.”  

The team then faced a talented Taft School on Saturday, Jan. 26 where they lost 6-1.

Even though things look like they are turning around for the Wyverns, a hard and tedious season lies ahead. With tournaments such as the High School Nationals and New Englands, the girls need to stay focused and continue to set and follow through with their goals if they want to win in the big tournaments.

The girls have a upcoming squash tournament at Avon Old School farms this Friday, Feb. 1, where they hope to build some momentum as they reach the second half of their season.