Junior varsity players of the moment impact their teams on the hardwood


JV Girls Squash:

The JV girls squash player of the month is freshman Mackenzie Caruso. This is Caruso’s first time playing squash and you would never know by the way she plays. She has improved tremendously throughout the season and impressively climbed up on the team’s ladder.

Caruso had a spectacular win against Millbrook School on Saturday, Jan. 5. She played number seven on the ladder and was able to get the impressive win to help the team. “Her commitment to trying something new and developing her skill is commendable,” Head Coach Cameron Biondi said.

Coach Biondi said that during the first few practices the new players were learning how to swing their rackets with proper form and Caruso picked up the swing very well. She has improved in her swing and is now more versatile on the court. “She is able to hit backhand and forehand very well,” Coach Biondi said. “This is very hard to do, especially if this is your first season playing.”

Coach Biondi said that he expects that as the season progresses, Caruso will be able to hit shots further down the court. “I can see her move up the ladder and play in more important matches,” Coach Biondi said.


JV Girls Basketball:

The JV Girls Basketball player of the month is freshman guard Caroline Dawson. In two consecutive games against Northfield Mount Hermon School and Hopkins School, Dawson sank two key three pointers. These clutch baskets were the difference maker in the team’s win against Hopkins School.

She has stepped up for the team and made a huge impact. “She has gotten a lot more confident in her shot,” Head Coach Ronald Monroe said. “She is ready to take the harder shots.”

Coach Monroe said that Dawson is a fantastic guard, but she still has room for growth. “As the season goes on and she gains more playing time experience, I hope she improves on her ball handling skills and defensive skills,” Coach Monroe said.


JV Boys Squash:

Ther JV boys squash team is young and ready to compete. Head Coach Robby Lingashi said that every player on the team is performing well and there is not a huge difference between these players. Therefore, there isn’t one specific player who stands out. “Everybody puts in a effort to get better and improve,” Coach Lingashi said.

He did mention some players though. Coach Lingashi said that freshman Aidan Dillow, who has just started playing squash this season, has improved a lot and moved up the ladder to the number 7 position. Coach Lingashi also mentioned that freshman Carter Smith, who is number 1, and freshman Henry Pelletier are both really skilled. He said that they both bring a lot of energy to the team. Both Smith and Pelletier attending the KO middle school and have a good squash foundation.

Coach Lingashi sees bright futures for these players. “I can’t wait to see them grow moving forward and get to next level,” Coach Lingashi said.


JV Boys Basketball:

The JV boys basketball player of the month is sophomore guard Nate Capodice. He is a dynamic player who has led the team in scoring. Throughout the month, Capodice averaged double digits as the team went 5-1.

He scored a high of 13 points during the Westminster School game on Saturday, Dec. 1, and another 13 points against The Gunnery on Saturday, Jan. 16. “Nate has done a great job at the point guard position directing the offense and protecting the basketball,” Head Coach John Capodice said.

Capodice is a versatile scorer and plays a huge role in the success of the team. He is a great ball handler and has superb court vision. Capodice is a true threat on the court.