Musician of the Month: Elise Gendrich


Senior Elise Gendrich is not only a singer, but also a talented musician who plays the trumpet. However, Elise’s main music focus at the moment is singing. She is part of Outlook,Oxfordians and has taken part in musicals since she began at KO.

Elise’s love for music began in the fourth grade when she decided to try playing instruments. “I started playing the trumpet in band in fourth grade and also the school talent show,” she said.

Elise joined chorus in sixth grade and her love for singing has grown ever since. “I started really liking chorus in sixth grade; that was the first year it was optional and I almost didn’t stick with it, but now I’m really happy I did,” Elise said. Ever since then Elise began to focus on her singing.

She still plays the trumpet for commencement and the KIT’s pep band, but otherwise she focuses on singing.

“At KO I was in Voce for my first two years, and then the past two years I’ve been in Outlook. I also have been in Oxfordians the past two years, and I’ve done the musical every year,” she said.

Elise mainly focuses on music inside the KO community. “I don’t really do music outside of KO, but I don’t think that’s a problem because all the activities at KO are time consuming as it is,” she said.

Inside the KO community, Elise is inspired by the KO music teachers everyday. “I am really impressed by both choral teachers at KO because I’ve learned a lot from them and they’re both amazing singers. They inspire me, and I am so happy to have worked with both of them,” she said.

Elise worked with both music directors David Baker and Steve Mitchell to practice her solo piece that she auditioned with for Regionals back in November. “I had an audition for Regionals in November, where I sang two scales, sang a solo piece, and did sight reading,” Elise said. “I practiced for the sight reading with a packet of examples and worked on the solo piece with both Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Baker.”

Mr. Baker was happy to rave about Elise. “She brings great energy,” he said. “She cares so much about the music. She continues to grow as she’s been here.”