POTM Hunter Meshanic


by Conor Caneday ’21 and Sean James ’19

The boys basketball player of the moment is sophomore forward Hunter Meshanic.

Meshanic has been doing a tremendous job on all facets of the game and has been a huge help to the team’s success this year.

Junior Forward Jackson Wolff said that Meshanic is one of the most fun people to play with. “He’s always got that smile on his face and he can always bring that smile to your face as well,” he said.

In the first game of the season, Meshanic held a guy who was five inches taller than him to a solid seven points.

Don’t think that was a fluke because the next game the team traveled to Avon Old Farms and Meshanic was matched with a six foot 10 inch post-grad student. Meshanic shut him down as well, holding him to just four points and two rebounds as Meshanic went on to grab seven rebounds and notched eight points.

Senior guard Nick Bray said Meshanic just amazes him because you don’t think he’s gonna get all the rebounds that he does, but all of the sudden you just see Meshanic with two hands on the ball clearing some space and ready to run the fastbreak.

Coach Brad Seaman speaks very highly of Meshanic. “He plays a lot like his older brother Jackson, but he also does a great job of stretching the floor, which makes him such a vital piece to the team. He’s got a great left hand, and great footwork around the rim.”

Meshanic is only a sophomore, which means that he has a very bright future ahead of him if he continues to play at his current caliber.

Meshanic is one of the toughest kids around and one of the best teammates to have as well. If something is hurting or bothering him, you could never tell, and he’s always going to go out of his way to make his teammates feel better.