Advice to eighth-grade

In the Middle

Seventeen thousand, two hundred and eighty hours. This number is roughly the amount of time students will spend as a high school student. As the eighth graders power through their last semester of middle school, they are becoming curious and excited about what is to come as they enter high school.

Fortunately they have advice from high schoolers and teachers. “High school isn’t as scary as everyone makes it out to be. Everyone is going to be fine,” senior Claudia Petrie said.

Besides more work, tests, papers, and quizzes in high school, there are other opportunities to discover and explore. In high school everyone gets the chance to make new friends and create new memories. “Some of my favorite memories are on the buses back from sports games and just bonding with the team,” sophomore Isabel Berkemeyer said.

Most students highly recommended that everyone should take at least one trip to Tobati, Paraguay, the community service trip where students help the community and spend a lot of time with their peers over spring break.  “Tobati is an incredible experience that KO offers. I love traveling to Paraguay, meeting new people, and immersing myself in a different culture with all of my friends,” Claudia said.

In high school students have a chance to figure out their identity and learn who they are as a student. “As you go into high school think about the person you have been,” Dean of Students and math teacher Mr. William Gilyard said. “If you like that person stick with it, but if you don’t maybe let that go.”

New students should listen to advice from their older peers.  “It’s not like Disney World, so study a lot and you will be fine,” senior Ben Polious said.        

Although high school may seem scary now, with the advice from upperclassmen and teachers, it may not be like Disney World but it will definitely be full of exciting experiences.