Big (Mouth) turn out


Warning: this article may contain spoilers.

“Big Mouth” is a Netflix Original Series created by Nick Kroll. It is an animated show that tells the story of middle schoolers going through puberty, so basically it is a combination of “Family Guy,” “South Park” and “Brickleberry.”

This is by far one of my favorite shows to watch with friends as it is so unfortunately relatable that it’s funny.

The show follows the story of three main characters – Nick, Andrew and Jessi – and what sets them different from the other characters in the show is they have Hormone Monsters.

The male Hormone Monster Maurice, or Maury as they call him, helps Andrew with understanding the changes he is going through and also makes many raunchy jokes. On the other hand, Jessi and eventually Nick both have the female Hormone Monstress Connie, who does the same as Maury for both of them while also being an emotional trainwreck.

“Big Mouth” became wildly popular as soon as it aired and currently has two seasons on Netflix, both of which I have watched more than a dozen times.

As a true fan of the show, I was ecstatic to see that the writers and creators had decided to give us a sneak peek of season three that aired the first episode on Valentine’s Day because honestly, what was more traumatizing than Valentine’s Day in middle school.

To make it even better, hey doubled the length of the standard 22 minute episode, extending it to 46.

The show opens up with Andrew and Maury sitting on a couch talking to a camera crew about how they first met, similar to what they do on reality TV.

The episode conveys the stress of giving the best and most elaborate valentine to someone special. It also goes into how much Valentine’s Day is by far the WORST holiday for anyone who is single.

However, as much as I absolutely adore this show, I have to say that I also think they were trying too hard. Yes, it was funny and entertaining, per usual. But, they completely overdid the scene with Coach Steve and the ladybug; their lines got to the point where they weren’t even funny, just immature, stupid, and irrelevant.

Then again, Nick’s family always manages to crack me up. The elaborate gifts, the gourmet dinners, and the lines said by Nick’s older brother Judd are flat out hilarious.

To set the record straight, one of the best characters in the entire show is Lola. She is crazy, funny, and such a hot mess that anything she does makes me die of laughter. She is the type of character where you can find people who somewhat remind you of her, but to extreme proportions.

The pair that could not be matched during this episode, though, was definitely Matthew and Maury. Matthew is the one character on the show who is openly gay, and he also has Maury as a hormone monster.

Maury is “assigned” to Matthew and is at first is skeptical, but it grows into an amazing friendship, and the dynamic between the two is hilarious.

“Big Mouth” did a decent job with the creation of this episode; while it did not exceed my expectations, it also did not disappoint.

The first two seasons of “Big Mouth” are available on Netflix, and it is rated TV-MA.