Coach of the Month: Coach Biondi


Head girls squash Coach Cameron Biondi grew up in Greenwich and attended Brunswick Academy, which is a school with an extremely strong squash program.  They have been in the high school national championship finals for the past seven years, winning three times.

He started playing squash when he was eight and continues to play in his free time. He played in the national championship in middle school, which he said is his favorite squash memory. He continued to play in high school at Brunswick, but never made the varsity team. This, however, did not diminish his love for the game as he went on to play club squash at Yale University.

Coach Biondi said that his time with the club squash team at Yale really helped him develop his coaching skills. “I had to figure how to motivate people with interesting practices, team dinners, and social events,” he said. He has brought this to KO as he is not only trying to develop the skills of his players, but also their teamwork, leadership, and love for the game.

Coach Biondi said that his main goal in coaching is to help teach his team about the game of squash and how to compete as a team even though the matches are individual. Coach Biondi set up a Google Classroom account for the squash team so his team always knows the practice schedule but also so they could learn the game of squash. On the Google Classroom account, Coach Biondi posts videos of practices and professional matches so his team can fully comprehend and immerse themselves in the game.

Coach Biondi said that his favorite part about coaching is seeing his players coach each other. “My favorite moments are those in between game moments where the girls are the one’s giving advice or encouragement,” Coach Biondi said.

He said he is very appreciative to be able to work with such a great group of people who truly care as much about winning, improving, and squash as he does.

Coach Biondi’s players have definitely appreciated his presence this season. “He brings a really good positive energy,” senior Co-captain Camilla Berckemeyer said. She added that Coach Biondi’s experience playing squash has really helped the team develop their skills. “We’ve all furthered our skill level,”  Berckemeyer said.

Berckemeyer also said that Coach Biondi runs practice a slightly different way, balancing both strenuous drills with fun. “He has done a great job making practices both fun and different,” Berckemeyer said.

Senior Co-captain Ananya Alleyne said that he does a great job communicating with his players. “He’s open to listening to our ideas,” Alleyne said.  Alleyne added that his communication skills have helped bring the whole team together, and made squash more fun. “I hope he stays next year,” she said.