JV games of the month


Over the winter season, the various JV teams have played their hearts out. In the season, certain games stand out as they showcase the abilities that the teams possess.

Starting off with JV boys basketball, the best game came against Taft. The Wyverns ended up winning in double overtime. “We worked together really well during that game,” sophomore center Jake Schwartz said. “It was a team win.”

The Wyverns were down by three points with 40 seconds left on the clock. Sophomore point guard Nate Capodice sank a three to send the Wyverns into overtime.

After the first overtime, the Wyverns were down by two. Junior shooting guard Sam Capodice got fouled on the three-point line. He ended up making two of the three free throws, making the Wyverns go into double overtime.

The Wyverns ended up winning due to key baskets by sophomore point guard Jeff Davis and Schwartz. “We played till the end,” junior center Wes Pierce said. “Taft is one of the hardest teams that we played, so it was a big win.”

As for JV girls basketball, their best game happened against Suffield Academy on Wednesday, Feb. 20. The Wyverns beat Suffield for the first time in three years, 40-14.

“We played really well in all aspects of the game,” Head Coach Ron Monroe said. “Passing, shooting, defense, they did it all.”

As for key players, a number of people stood out and helped in the win, starting off with sophomore forward Keegan McMahon who got key rebounds and scored eight points n addition to playing strong defense.

Senior shooting guard Alessia Caruso also played strong defense, shutting down her opponents and causing multiple turnovers. “Our defense was really strong,” Coach Monroe said, “We held them to four points in the first half.”

As for offense, sophomore forward Emma Henry made key baskets to increase the lead against their opponent. Sophomore point guard Catherine Daniels also had multiple fast breaks and contributed greatly to the Wyverns success. “It was a team effort,”Coach Monroe said. “We wanted that win more than they did.”

Next is girls JV squash. The girls played a great game against Williston Northampton School. The girls pulled out a victory, winning 5-2. It wasn’t easy though. On the day of the match, there was a massive snowstorm heading right for them. So, it was either play as hard as you can or get stuck in a snowstorm.

The girls obviously decided to play tough, some having the best matches of the season.

“We were under a time constraint and a lot of pressure,” Head Coach Cameron Biondi said, “but the girls ended up winning and making it a short match.”

One player who did well was junior Alyssa Pilecki. Pilecki was coming off of a period of being injured and was sick a lot, but she powered through, winning the match 3-1.

Another player who performed well was freshman Aliza Sadic. With her amazing serves and strong fundamentals, she was able to win 3-2.

“I was really proud of them,” Coach Biondi said. “This match they were able to show their strength and dedication to the game.”

Finally, JV boys squash played a good season, but their best game in the past month came against Pomfret School. The Wyverns won the match 7-0, sweeping their opponents.

“I’m really proud of them,” sophomore Henry Mandell said. “When they come to practice with us on varsity, they are always focused and giving it all they got.”

Some players who did well were freshman Aidan Dillow. Dillow is improving his skills every day and starting to become a stronger player.

Another player who performed well was sophomore Jaden Weinstein. Weinstein continues to play well every match. He is focused, determined, and a hard worker who is bound for success.

Overall, the Wyverns played one of their best games of the season, with everyone coming out determined and ready to play.

If the Wyverns consistently perform at their highest level, they will be unstoppable in the coming year.