KO welcomes Ms. Dix

In the Middle

On Feb. 1, 2018, KO welcomed a new member  to the school as the Administrative Coordinator of the Middle School: Ms. Brittany Dix, who has held this position for over a year. On the first day of meeting her, teachers and students alike fell in love with her and her charismatic personality. 

The job of Administrative Coordinator of the Middle School was redefined by Director of the Middle SchoolAnn Sciglimpaglia, known as Ms. Scig. It was difficult to find the right person. “We were looking for somebody, and we weren’t quite finding what we wanted,” Ms. Scig said. “The person had to have certain qualities and virtues: they had to be a people person, and be able to use and understand technology and several computer systems.”

The Administrative Coordinator has multiple jobs to complete in order to make the Middle School run smoothly. The job includes maintaining all the schedule, attendance and grade records as well as dealing with situations involving all different types of people.  After interviewing several candidates, Ms. Scig said that she knew Ms. Dix was right for the Middle School.

Ms. Dix creates a great first impression on most of the people she comes in contact with. As she is home right now with her new daughter, Lily, everyone looks forward to her return after spring break.  

Mrs. Hope Cameron, who is substituting while Ms. Dix is on maternity leave, enjoyed learning about the job from Ms. Dix. “One of the best things of coming into this position was that Ms. Dix was an amazing teacher,” Mrs. Cameron said.

Others such as English teacher Mrs. Lynne Levine said, “She was a great addition because teachers, the kids and the parents like her, which is the most important thing. The first person they see when they come in is Ms. Dix, and they feel welcomed.”