Middle school girls stay fashionable

In the Middle

Trends and fashion statements change and spread around the KO campus very quickly.

Throughout her three years at KO, eighth-grader Jordan DiMauro has enjoyed the style at KO along with many girls in the Middle School.

“I think that trends start mainly because one person starts wearing something, and it catches on because people like how it looks,” she said.

Jordan said that she likes to shop at Pacsun, Brandy Melville, and American Eagle for her clothing because they are stylish and very comfortable. Some items that she wears a lot are the colored pants from American Eagle, quarter-zips, and sweaters from Pacsun, and shirts from Brandy Melville.

Also, Vans are the most popular shoe brand. Students like Vans because they match with everything, are easy to take on and off for sports, and are very comfortable to wear.

“I really enjoy these styles, especially because that’s really all I wear to school since the dress code limits some things, all of these clothing and shoe items are very useful,” Jordan said.

Sixth-grader Lia Arnold explains how younger students also enjoy these styles. “These are exactly what my grade wears, I love the brands and the style,” she said.

One girl at KO really stands out for her exotic and cool style that has spread among her grade. Eighth-grader Quin Kearney has a passion for wearing bucket hats. “They just fit your head really well, and there are so many designs to choose from,” Quin said. “I always get compliments on how they look and it makes me feel really good.”

Quin’s interest in this type of headgear has inspired many girls in her grade to buy hats of their own to enjoy for themselves. “I feel accomplished that my classmates are also interested in these,” she said.