Senior Farewell- Maeve McDonald


As a two and a half year writer for the Opinions section, we are sad to say goodbye to senior Maeve McDonald. For her first year on the newspaper, she was an Associate  Opinions Editor and earned the title of Head Editor of the Opinions section.

Maeve originally got into journalism and the school newspaper because of her sister who also wrote for it.

In addition, she has found that writing for Opinions is so interesting because people outside of the KO News staff are allowed to write for the paper, so she can gather a wide range of opinions and writing styles.

“I have always loved writing because it’s an amazing creative outlet that allows everyone to voice their opinions and let their words just flow out,” Maeve said. “Writing for the KO News is just another great opportunity to do this.”

She stated that she will miss the bagels and donuts on Sunday News Days, but will possibly continue to write for her school newspaper in college.

During her time on the KO News, Maeve has learned how to communicate with people better because she constantly needs to reach out and ask if they are interested in publishing their writing.

For future writers, she recommends partaking in the Opinions section because there are not  any interviews and it’s a great place to express their ideas.

Maeve said she wishes that she had the ability to write articles for different sections over the course of her time on the newspaper.

Lastly, Maeve stated that her favorite article that she wrote was he one roasting herself last year. She talked about her obsession with Miranda Sings in middle school.

She said she hopes that she left a positive impact on the newspaper and staff; in addition to leaving a strong legacy for her name.

Overall, the staff of the KO News will  miss Maeve’s amazing and creative writing in the Opinion section, as well as her strong leadership on the paper.