Senior Farewell- Nell Schwartz


For two and a half years, the KO News has had the pleasure to have senior Nell Schwartz as a writer and editor for the paper. Nell was originally an Associate Arts Editor her sophomore and junior year, and became the Managing Editor for Features, Arts, Opinions, and Reviews for her senior year.
Nell said she was originally interested in journalism because her dad was on the KO News when he was a student here in the 80s, so she wanted to continue the legacy. In addition, she said she loved reading magazines growing up, so it was another way to express herself.
She said she does not have any regrets about being on the newspaper and is glad that she took part in this awesome journey of watching a newspaper evolve.
For many different topics, Nell was able to read, revise, and write opinions pieces which is always fun and interesting for her.
Her favorite article that she wrote for the newspaper was about transgender rights, because she said she enjoyed writing about hard hitting topics that are not talked about a lot at school. Additionally, Nell  said she loves to experiment writing about cosmetic items or learning about interesting people in our world.
“I have always loved to write because it is a great way to express your words, and show a new perspective,” Nell said.
Nell said she will miss brainstorming every month with other writers for the paper to create a collaborative issue but not the early mornings on Sunday for News Day.
For future writers, Nell advises students to be willing and open to new ideas from many different people because getting critiques can always help one become a better writer.
Everyone on the KO News can agree that we will miss all her contributions to the paper, as well as her fun spirit.