Senior Farewell- Taline Norsigian


A nature enthusiast, co-leader of the Green Team, girls cross country captain, and Model UN co-chair, senior Taline Norsigian wears many hats on campus but is perhaps most notably known as the devoted Head Features Editor for the 2018-2019 publishing year.

Taline never failed to bring her great spirit and energy to every single meeting and Sunday morning News Day throughout the year, encouraging the Features section to come up with original article ideas, follow style rules carefully, and write accurately, as well as reminding us to have fun while doing so. She has a genuine interest in helping everyone out as much as possible and in making the KO News be a great experience for both the Features section and the entire newspaper staff.

Taline’s passion and love for journalism, specifically feature writing, explain why she is so dedicated and enthusiastic. She said that when picking departments to apply to, her first choice was Features, and she was happy she received the position of Associate Features Editor for her junior year. “I liked Features the best because for me, when it comes to writing the article it’s more about the language around the content, not just the content,” she said. “It’s about translating what you learn in an interview and creating a story. That’s something Mr. Kyff would push me to do, and so Features was my first choice for the staff.”

When applying for a position this year, Taline said she wanted to stick with the Features section and become the Head Editor.

“The reason why I wanted to be Head of Features and didn’t even apply to be Editor-in-Chief or one of the Managing Editors was because I really liked how Neil [previous Features Editor] was so close to the Associates and always checking in with us, giving us tips,” she said.

Taline also said that she wanted to have the chance to be able to do the same for new associates.

“I feel like the Head Editor of every section is very involved with the actual brainstorming and article writing, while the upper positions are more behind the scenes, with laying out the paper, fixing mistakes, and helping to organize everyone. Both are a lot of work and a lot of fun, but I felt like being a Head Editor was a better fit for me.”

Taline also holds the unique position of simultaneously being an Associate Photo Editor. She said she appreciates the different perspectives of both writing for and taking pictures for the paper.

While she said it is a lot of work and dedication, she also said she enjoyed being in the two positions and called it the best of both worlds. Yet, somehow, even with the great responsibility she holds in other areas of her life, Taline still manages to do an excellent job leading the Features section, and being an Associate Photographer, she never ceases to surprise everyone with how well-organized and helpful she is.

Taline, thank you so much for being an amazing Head Features Editor and an awesome friend to everyone! Lucky for us, you had a scheduling conflict sophomore year that led you to take journalism instead of art.We’re blessed to have had you on the staff, we appreciate all that you do, and we hope you can continue writing for your college paper!