Senior profile- Sean James


As graduation nears, the KO News staff must reconcile with the fact that many of our beloved seniors will soon be gone from the paper, including sports writer senior Sean James.
Sean has been working in the KO News for three years, ever since his sophomore year. He’s currently an Associate Editor for Sports. His interest in journalism and the KO news started because of his interest in writing.
Of the many interesting perks about being in the KO News, Sean noted that he gained relationships with many teachers due to his involvement on the KO News. On the flip side, one of the challenges, he said, was waking up early on Sunday mornings for News Day.
Throughout his tenure at the paper, he has been surprised at the level of commitment everyone puts into the paper. “That’s what makes it so fun,” he said. He said that one of the many things that he will miss is being with everyone on Newsday.
“The newspaper taught me how to write better, and that time is everything,” he said.
Looking forward, to the paper’s future, Sean thinks that things are perfect the way that they are. “The online issue that we have now is great,” he said.
His advice for future KO News writers is to go into a field that they really enjoy writing for, since it is a big commitment to one department.
He said that he does not yet know what he plans to study in college, but has considered writing for the school’s newspaper. Regardless of his decision, he will be dearly missed by all the KO News staff. Good luck Sean!