Senior profiles- Jacqueline Dugan


Senior Jacqueline Dugan has been an imperative member of the KO News with amazing Arts articles and we wish her well as she graduates! Jackie has been on the KO News since her junior year, after taking journalism. English had always been one of her favorite subjects, so she thought she should pursue that interest even further.

She’s an Associate Art Editor, so she usually writes about the artist and musician of the month. “I absolutely love writing my articles, because it gives students around campus recognition for their talents and achievements,” she said, “which I think is super awesome and important.”

One very important thing that she has taken away from working on the newspaper is the importance of sharing ideas, not only within the newspaper staff, but with the whole community. “There have been so many times where I share my article with someone else on the news and they add ideas and perspectives I wouldn’t have been able to see just for myself,” Jackie said.

She said that the newspaper has made her a better writer and a more open-minded person, allowing her to accept ideas and critiques from a multitude of different people.

Another thing the KO News has taught her is the importance of face-to-face connections. “The majority of the time when interviewing a student or teacher, you meet with them face to face,” she said, “which I think is awesome and forces kids to learn how to speak and be good communicators.”

As for her hopes for the paper’s future, she said that she wishes more people join the Arts department to replace the seniors who are leaving this year.

Her advice to future writers is to get articles in on time. “It makes life so much easier and you don’t have to stress,” she said. “Also, be willing to take ideas and critiques from everyone!”

In college, if she has time, she definitely would like to be involved in the newspaper or something involving writing. Jackie’s enthusiasm for writing and adaptability will be missed by the whole KO News staff next year.