Seniors count days to graduation


On Friday, Feb. 15, at 9:00 a.m., the development office organized a breakfast for the senior class in the library to celebrate 98 days until the class graduates and therefore becomes alumni.

Prior to the breakfast, Form 6 Dean and Spanish teacher Ronald Garcia sent out an email to the entire grade on Friday, Feb. 8, informing everyone of the actual event and what would be happening at it; however, the breakfast had to be postponed from the original date because of the bad weather which caused a delayed opening.

The breakfast was meant to be held on Wednesday, Feb. 13, during advisee group to celebrate 100 days until graduation but was moved to Friday, Feb. 15, during PLB. Mr. Garcia notified the class of the time and date change in another email.

In this email, Mr. Garcia again addressed the purpose of the breakfast and revealed the new name for it. “Due to our modified schedule today, the 100 day breakfast is being moved and renamed,” he said. “We will be having the 98 day breakfast on Friday at 9 in the library. This breakfast is organized by the development office, which will talk to you about becoming part of the KO alumni association upon graduation.”

Since the date of the breakfast was moved, Head of School Tom Dillow was unable to attend the way he had originally planned. Instead, Mr. Dillow recorded a video with a message for the class to watch at the breakfast containing the information he would have said at the breakfast. “One of the things I said is enjoy this time and make the most of it because 20 years from now, you’re going to remember your high school experience, especially your senior year,” Mr. Dillow said.

Mr. Dillow also reminded the seniors that there are still 98 days left until graduation and it is important to finish strong. He said that he wants to see all 83 members of the senior class receive their diplomas on Friday, May 24 at graduation.  

Seniors said this celebration really snuck up on them. “It’s crazy to think that we have less than 98 days until graduation,” senior Camilla Berckemeyer said. “Senior year has flown by.”

The tables in the library were set up in long rows with chairs all around for students to sit and enjoy their breakfast. Each seat also had a mug as a gift placed at it for the students to take home. “It was cute to walk into the library and see it all decorated with 100 day mugs for all of us on the tables,” senior Maeve McDonald said.

The breakfast was catered by Sage Dining and there were many options for students to choose from to eat including delicious hash browns. “The food was good,” senior Garth Swanson said. “There were a lot more options than there usually are at these types of events.”

Director of Annual Giving Meghan Kurtich said that they hosted the breakfast for a number of reasons, including to familiarize themselves with the graduating class. “We wanted to get our names and our faces out there because once you graduate, the alumni office is sort of your guys point of contact for the school,” she said.

Another reason the development office hosted the breakfast was to inform the class of the 2019 Time Capsule that they should put something in for when it gets opened in five years.

The time capsule is currently in Mrs. Perkins’ office; students can think about what items they want to add to it over the next couple of weeks. “I love the idea of having a time capsule! It’s very cute and will be nice to look back on in a few years,” senior Molly Baron said.

After the breakfast, Ms. Kurtich sent an email out to the class to thank everyone for coming to the event and to remind everyone to cherish their last few months as a class before they join a large community of 7,761 alumni.

At the breakfast Ms. Kurtich said they informed students about how it is important to give back to the community. “Just as we do for each senior class, we ask that you consider starting your alumni journey with a pledge to give that will carry on through college and until your five-year reunion,” she said.

She said that often alum donate to the school in honor of a particular teacher or faculty member who impacted their time at KO in a positive manner. She suggested to the class to start thinking about who they would give in honor of.

She added that there is a Wyvern alum who has been donating since the year he graduated in 1948, and she encouraged students to follow in his path. “The amount is not important, but your participation is,” she said. “So start your streak today and support KO’s teachers just as they supported you. Be the first senior class to reach 100 percent participation!”

While many students enjoyed the breakfast and celebrating 98 days until graduation, some felt it is still too soon to be asking the class to donate before actually graduating from the school. “I appreciated the gesture of the breakfast, but I feel like it’s a little bit early to start asking us for donations,” senior Adam Sonntag said.

Regardless, Ms. Kurtich said that the class of 2019 has already gifted donations to the school in honor of faculty members in the short time since the breakfast. She and her colleagues also wanted to congratulate the class for their accomplishments so far and wish them the best for their futures.