Super Bowl, lackluster performance

In the Middle

Many people in the KO community watched this year’s Super Bowl, in hopes that it would be an interesting and high scoring game. However, the Super Bowl was not as appealing to KO students as they hoped it would be. Unlike most games, this one ended in a score of 13-3.

Matter of fact, in Super Bowl history, there has never been a combined score lower than this Patriots-Rams matchup, and there has been only one other team that has scored as few points as the Rams did in a Super Bowl.

The Miami Dolphins are the only other team in Super Bowl history that have scored three points in a Super Bowl game, and this was back in 1972 when they lost to the Dallas Cowboys by a score of 24-3.

KO students and faculty were surprised by the outcome of the game.

“I thought it was gonna be a high scoring game, cause you know the Patriots defense isn’t the best, and compared to the regular season, I’m very impressed on how they did,” eighth-grader Preston Seaver said.

Although science teacher Clay Miles was rooting for the Rams, he claims, “The Rams were completely predictable and they weren’t at all creative. And when you play a Belichick team you better be creative, cause he’s got you nailed if you’re not.”

Mr. Miles, unlike other viewers, was not surprised by the outcome of the game. “I thought it was gonna be a low scoring game,” he said.

This game may not have been appealing to most, but there is always a next time. Chances are the Super Bowl will be a much more interesting game next year.