Fashionista Mckenzie Piehl


With an outgoing, sweet, and fun attitude on campus, senior Mckenzie Piehl is KO’s new fashionista of the month!

   Mckenzie is one who has a unique style that is unlike most other girls at school. She describes herself as having a free, earthy and urban feel that is very relaxed and calm.

   With this style, she often shops at places such as Free People, Athletica different thrift shops, and other sorts of consignment shops; in addition, she mainly likes to shop in person rather than over the internet.

   Free People is actually Mackenzie’s favorite clothing brand because of the free-spirited vibe that it has and their own individual aspect. She also said she really likes Athletica not only because of the clothing but also the Motto behind it. “Their story represents a concept of the earth’s importance and footprint that each individual makes on our world,” she said. “They are also very supportive to women and the empowerment to all.”

   She states that her fashion choices are inspired by several different people around her, as well as many famous role models on social media.

   The accounts that she looks up to are the people who are true to themselves and wear clothing that fit their own personality and comfortableness.

   Being comfortable is an important factor for Mackenzie as she said, “I feel that on the weekends I still go for the same style of an earthy vibe, but with a more relaxed tone, she said. For example, Mackenzie said she likes pairing jeans or leggings with a loose sweatshirt.

   Because of the dress code at KO, her weekend attire is not allowed at school so Mackenzie often wears pants and dresses with a comfy flow, and occasionally skirts.

   With all of these outfits, Mackenzie has a few key accessories that she always adds to her outfits. She said she cannot ever go out without her rings, earrings, and necklaces on. She gets this love for jewelry from her mom, who makes jewelry. All of these accessories help her put together overall daily looks and have a cute sense of style.

   As for color, Mackenzie said she will often wear neutral and subtle tones, rather than bright and vibrant colors.

   As an individual, she said that she doesn’t try to be a trendsetter, but rather tries to be her own self and wear what she feels best in.

   “I have always been interested in fashion because I think that a person’s style and clothing choices are another form or creative expression and another side of someone that they can show off to others,” Mackenzie said.

   With a great and positive mindset, we can see that Mackenzie has a casual yet influential sense of style that can inspire others to realize their love for fashion and own personal choices.