PoTM: Michael Aronson and Jack Cavo


The players of the month from boys varsity lacrosse are senior captains, Defender Mike Aronson, and defender Jack Cavo. Together they have been able to coordinate the defense and keep the defensive line strong. They bring their abundant knowledge and experience of lacrosse to the team and are clear leaders on the field. “They are great leaders and mentors on the field.

Aronson said the goal of the team is to win as many games as possible and try their best. “My personal goal is to be a successful leader,” Aronson said. “They both work really hard,” sophomore Conor Caneday said. “They are great at rallying the team.”

Aronson has been playing lacrosse for over 10 years and both players are maestros in the game. “This year’s team is very different from previous years because we have a lot of freshmen and a new coach,” Aronson said. “The new coach’s lacrosse knowledge is abundant.”Aronson said that his fondest memory was this year’s trip to Florida over break. He said that it was a lot of fun and the team also was able to get a head start on their training for the upcoming season. “Florida was a new experience to the KO lacrosse program,” Aronson said. “This experienced allowed the team to grow as teammates and players.”

Cavo has been playing lacrosse since third grade. He is also a soccer player and was a serious gymnast for 12 years. He said he was initially drawn to the sport of lacrosse because of the fast pace of the game, and he continues to enjoy it at the high school level, as it requires a different level of lacrosse IQ to play the game well. Given the large number of freshmen on the team, he is hopeful about the future of the KO lacrosse program.

Cavo admits that coordinating team defense can be challenging. “Getting everybody on the same page can be difficult,” he said. Nevertheless, Cavo and Aronson are helping shape these young players.    

“They are great players and leaders on the field,” junior Nick Traver said. “It is a pleasure playing with them.”