Feged shines

In the Middle

When the KO middle school boys A squash team finished the year with a winning record of 5-3, Assistant Coach Samantha Cassidy was asked to decide who the player of the moment would be. Coach Cassidy chose eighth-grader Ignacio Feged because of his role as a really positive and supportive leader of the team this year.  The team was led by six eighth-graders, including team Captain Elliot Shani and Co-Captain Feged. Some of the matches were well played, but some were a challenge for the team and Feged,

“Our last one with Rectory was especially tough,” he said. “I told the team that the advantage we had over other teams was that we were better athletes because most of the people on our team play other sports like soccer. I said to them that ‘you can run, these kids are good at squash but they’re not necessarily that fast.’ However, Rectory’s team was athletic and really good at squash, which made it difficult for us.” The season was full of ups and downs, and Coach Cassidy noticed one particular moment that was her favorite of the season. “I saw Ignacio and one or two other players talking to one of the younger players and just being really encouraging to that person after a pretty difficult match,” she said. “That was one of my favorite moments because it showed how well our team came together and supported each other, even when things were a little bit challenging.” The middle school squash team will miss Ignacio and his presence as a leader when he continues his squash career in high school.