Olympic Sports have fun season

In the Middle

Since KO ended its middle school hockey program, Olympic Sports has replaced it. “Olympic Sports was created as a middle school winter sports selection for students that did not choose basketball, swimming, or squash,” said founder of Olympic Sports Ryan Radmanovich. Coach Radmanovich wanted to introduce students to a sport they had never tried before. Athletes play a variety of games from manhunt to handball.

Those who play Olympic Sports have a very high opinion of it. “Olympic is the best winter sport and I think everyone should join next year. And there is a game for everyone there, and if you are really competitive you can go try hard there and if you want to just hang out with friends you can just wait for practice to start and talk with your friends, which is something I indulged in. If you want to make playlists even then you can do that, because there is a spot for everyone there,” eighth-grader Olympic Sports veteran Hana Roggendorf said.

In Olympic Sports, students are exposed to a variety of games.  “I like futsal a lot as one of the main games we play but one of my favorites is when we play knockout and manhunt on fun Friday,” Roggendorf said. “I used to play knockout and I used to have to play dodgeball in middle school. I would always hide in the corner,” Olympic Sports Co-Coach Anastasia Quinn said.

Those who play Olympic Sports love the perfect mix of fun and freedom. “You don’t have to take it too competitively, because there is so much freedom, Like we have time before practice where we can do whatever we want and we can pick our activities on fun Friday,” said eighth-grader Preston Seaver. Seaver loves that the games aren’t competitive. Those who play Olympic Sports love it because it is so inclusive. Both coaches and players love what they are doing and hope that anyone who doesn’t want to play basketball, squash or swimming will join the fun and not competitive Olympic Sports.