Player Profile: point guard Jordan DiMauro

In the Middle

Girls A basketball’s hard work this season resulted in an amazing 10-1 record. A big contributor to these wins was eighth-grader point guard Jordan DiMauro. This season DiMauro has averaged 12 points per game which has helped her stand out on the team, along with her work effort and passion for the game. “Jordan as a player goes out and works really hard every practice, and I have seen this all three years,” Head Coach Judy Bailey said about Jordan, with whom she has had the pleasure of working with for three years. “In games, even back in sixth grade, she was super scrappy and aggressive even though she was tiny compared to the girls she was playing against.” Throughout the years, DiMauro has had a tendency to work hard on and off the court and has transferred her energy to other players. “[Jordan] is great about sharing her passion of the sport, she brings that with her,” Coach Bailey said. “She took it seriously and made sure the girls were taking it seriously and working as hard as they could.”

Coach Bailey also noted that DiMauro has been a solid contributor in scoring every game. “She had a few games where she scored more points than she thought she did,” Coach Bailey said. “Her biggest game was Hamden Hall with 20 points.” Her impact is seen not only by Coach Bailey but also by many of her teammates. “I think that how she plays really makes other people want to follow along and makes them want to be the best that they can be,” said eighth-grader forward Alle Kotowitz. DiMauro has shown great skill in driving the ball up the court and scoring points for her team throughout the season. Her highlight of this season, however, did not necessarily include scoring.

“One of our players was very quiet… me and a couple of the eighth graders wanted to get her out of her shell. And toward the end of the season she finally opened up and showed who she was and that was really fun to see,” said DiMauro. As DiMauro wraps up middle school and moves onto the high school, she said she hopes to be playing for varsity and plans to contribute similar energy to the teams she plays for.