Sports at KO


At Kingswood Oxford the third and fourth forms are required to participate in at least one season of an Option A sport. They can also do one season of Option B, and then one season of A, B, or C. The fifth form is required to participate in one season of Option A; and two seasons of Option A, B, or C. The sixth form is required to participate in all three seasons of their choice Option A, B, or C.

Some of you may be wondering what these options mean. Well, Option A is any sports team along with managing and the winter musical. Option B is filled with choices between the Fall Play, Tech Crew, and Intramural Basketball. Option C gives you the opportunity to do activities such as Strength and Performance or Yoga.  

Even though the requirement is considered a healthier way to get exercise rather than a Physical Education class like public and catholic schools have, the sports requirements robs the student body of doing simplistic everyday activities that other high schoolers in our area get the opportunity to do.

We are not able to get a paying job during the weekdays because of our demanding schedule or even go to other teams games. Students are “encouraged” to do sports when the reality is merely being harassed with emails by teachers who are the coaches or by the athletic department itself.

Kingswood Oxford Athletics encourages kids to go to other teams games, making it sound like the easiest possible thing for students to do. However, it is extremely difficult to go and support the Boy’s Baseball team at home at 2:30 when you have a lacrosse game at the same exact time.

Not only to mention that on top of your games you have a heavy workload especially during your junior and senior year along with the added pressure of college. It is impossible to go to bed before 11:00 at night due to homework, practice, showering, and eating dinner.

What’s also difficult is the fact that students, in order to fill the requirement, are forced to play sports they have never liked or even played. Students will play a sport and hate every second of being there; and for those who have never played, most of them will go to Junior Varsity. But also on these JV teams are kids who love the sport and are trying to improve in hopes of making Varsity the following year or even playing both by the end of the season.

You would think the coach wouldn’t play the kids who have never played before; but these kids can have parents who then complain as to why their kids aren’t playing. Then those kids are forced to play in the game and it becomes a hot mess on the field or the court.

Also a problem is the way the situations on teams are handled. Many different students have had problems with coaches and the school has handled them poorly.

Our athletic requirement needs to be changed in order to be efficient and productive for students in order to create a happy environment. This would be a much better result rather than students being tense and stressed because they either disagree with their coach or they were too tired from their previous game the night before to do their homework.

Also another point is the requirement to work the clock for games. Students who decide to do Strength & Performance and Yoga as their sport for a season must sign up and work the clock and scoreboards for other team’s games. The problem with this is kids who have no idea how the work the clock, when to start it or when to stop it, will stop it too late or start it too early so the game loses time. This effects games that have a close score where they could score in the last 30 seconds, but unfortunately those 30 seconds are lost because a student was distracted by a phone or their friend.