WIAF article


On Saturday April 6th, KO hosted the annual Wyvern Invitational A Cappella Festival. This took place in Roberts theater and was a huge success for many different groups and as a whole.

There were many groups that participated in this competition, two of them from KO; these groups were Oxfordians and Crimson 7.
Oxfordians is run by choir teacher and advisor Mr. Mitchell along with 15 other amazing women singers; and Crimson 7 is the all boys acapella group run by teacher and advisor Mr. Baker.

Over the course of the night, there are many events that go on. Each group sings two songs that they have chosen, along with choreography and props if needed.

Later on in the show, there is a beatbox battle in which three to four students show off their best sounds. Following this, there is an award ceremony in which teams are recognized for their efforts and presented with the top three titles of the night.

“I thought that Oxfordians did extremely well this year and showed up a lot of the competition that we have struggled with in the past. We had two very strong pieces (Telephone and River) that had a lot of energy and killer vocals from all the sections.” said junior Remy McCoy

Over the course of the year, both Oxfordians and Crimson 7 would meet on Tuesday nights every week from seven to eight o’clock. During this time, both groups would put in so much effort learning new songs and preparing for WIAF.

Unfortunately neither Crimson 7 or Oxfordians was in the top three, but for sure showed many skills, and talents to the judges and overall audience.

“I am super proud of us. I think we all put in so much as individuals, that contributed greatly to the sound and vibe of the group. We were all dancing and having fun out there which made us feel relaxed knowing that we were all in it together and putting our hearts in the numbers,” said sophomore Sadie Margolis.

After each group performed their two songs, The Grapes from Ethel Walker were pronounced as the winners of the competition. They sang two great songs including Breaking It Down and Middle. In addition, Jeremy from Hall High School won the beatboxing competition.

Both groups have a lot to be proud of and improve upon for upcoming years.”I think Oxfordians is only gonna get better,” Sadie said. “Our seniors this year have been great role models which have helped us provide the foundation of what Oxfordians could potentially be and what underclassmen aspire to be when they are seniors.”

With great feedback and appreciation from the audience, the community looks forward to many more years of creative and fun capella music.