Boys varsity tennis strikes down strong and challenging opponent


As the spring season comes to an end, the boys varsity tennis team played one of their best and most thrilling seasons yet. The Wyverns have had many ups and downs. There were blow- out victories and there were devastating losses.

“We played an amazing season overall,” Head Coach Andrew Krugman said. “Even with battling illness and injury, we finished second in our league.”

The Wyverns most recent game was against Salisbury. The Wyverns played a final game, ultimately pulling out the win 4-3. “We played some of our best tennis that game,” sophomore Adam Na said, “Even when it came down to the wire, we continued to play our hardest.”

The Wyverns started out the game rough. They were going into a match against one of their best opponents, Salsibury, and on top of that without their number three and number five playing in the match.

The Wyverns lost the double matches., meaning that the team had to win four of the next six singles matches. “We knew Salisbury was good; they were 11-1,” freshman Teddy Keegan said, “but we had to play smart, and we couldn’t get into our own heads.”

And the Wyverns ended up doing just that, winning their four matches to secure them the victory. To do this, the Wyverns played their best game all season. To start off, freshman Max-William Kanz won his match.

He was playing at the number two spot. He ended up winning against one of Salisbury’s best players as a freshman. His determination and love for the game has given him a high skill level that is almost impossible to beat no matter what the age.

Next, there was Keegan and Na. To start off, Keegan was playing up at the number three spot due to a sick teammate. The challenge didn’t stop him though, as he too won his match. His opponent couldn’t keep up and Keegan’s skill propelled him to victory. Na, on the other hand, didn’t have an easy match. Na ended up losing the first game. Instead of giving up and losing, he stuck to his fundamentals and had great persistence. Na went on the win the next two games and the match.

Finally, with the match all tied up, it came down to sophomore Jaden Weinstein. Weinstein has been a fighter all season. Whether it was battling his opponents, injury or sickness, he continued to fight. This earned him the number six spot for the match.

“At the time, I didn’t know I was the tiebreaker,” Weinstein said, “but once I saw both teams watching and cheering, I knew my match was important.”

Weinstein didn’t get nervous; he just kept on fighting. “He played some of his best tennis all year,” Coach Krugman said. It ended up coming down to a tough and long super tie breaker, Weinstein lost the first game 4-6 but came back to win the second 6-4. With everything coming down to him, Weinstein played his heart out. It was first to 10, and Weinstein crushed his opponent 10-6, ultimately winning him the game and the match for his team.

With the closing of the spring season, the Wyverns look to prepare for next year. “I am so proud of the work they have done,” Coach Krugman said. “We look to build on this next year.

The Wyverns are also losing some of their best players: seniors Adam Sontag and senior Luke Reimann.

Both players were a part of the Class A title win and were four year starters for the tennis team and constant contributors to Wyvern wins.

“As we lose some of our best players,” Coach Krugman said, “we hope our players will grow and improve in the offseason and that the new players will fit nicely into this already great team.”