Costantini says ‘hasta la vista’ after 20 years


by Sophia Kaufman ’20

After twenty amazing, eventful, exciting, and joyous years at KO, Mrs. Costantini is departing with her family to Indiana.

From her early years at KO, starting in 1999, she has held many roles; some of these roles including an advisor, Spanish teacher for various grades, Dean of Upper Prep, coach of swimming, field hockey, and tennis, and Middle School department chair of language.

Within her many years at KO, there are a lot of noticeable events that occurred and left memories forever.

First, she said that the combination of the positive collaboration of teachers and students help to create a really special community and overall space. This community allows for others to run ideas by each other and the ability towards a step of success.

Another aspect Mrs. Costantini has enjoyed while being at KO is the Venezuelan program in the Middle School.

This program has been going on for 28 years and has made every winter in the Middle School so special. “I think this program has made KO overall more global and understanding of various aspects in our world today,” Mrs. Costantini said. “In addition, being able to teach classes with the Venezuelan teacher along with other native speakers is so important and impact on the KO students.”

She will always hope to be back for spring sports days, Hewett Day, KITs, and all of the other special traditions that the school holds.

Her time and experiences at KO have certainly prepared her for a new step in life. “Because I have had such amazing colleagues from the time I started at age 21, I have learned so much as a person and teacher,” she said. “I have learned how to better listen to people, and I hope to take that with me in the future. I am so thankful to have been surrounded by such amazing people and have the chance to admire each individual separately.”

Traveling South, Mrs. Costantini hopes to first settle her family in school and get to know the area.

With time, she will consider taking on an administration role or dean position in a school, with a possibility of continuing to teach Spanish. With her love of teaching and being around kids, she strives to return to an educational setting.

Mrs. Costantini says that she will definitely miss the people the most from KO. “There are so many families that I have been blessed to know and teach many siblings in one family,” she said. “Teaching each sibling is so different, but an amazing opportunity to learn so many new people and make connections among all. In addition, I will for sure miss all the faculty and friends I have made in the community.”

She hopes to stay in touch with all her students and peers both at KO and beyond.

As a teacher, her job is to educate many kids, but simultaneously she has learned a lot from her students to help benefit her. As an individual, she realizes that it is more important to recognize who the humans are in the room, rather than focusing on the material solely.

She hopes that her students will go further in life and travel to Spanish speaking countries, major in a language, and overall enjoy the talents of speaking another language.

Her classroom helps to bring a comfortable feeling and secure confidence for growing learners  of all kinds.

She hopes that she can convey the message of coming together as humans to make the most of every day and all the opportunities granted.

Mrs. Costantini has left KO a better place than when she began, and we wish her and her family the best that the future has in store for her.