Briggs to Raise Pigs


This article is a spoof written in cooperation with Dr. Briggs.

At the end of the academic year, beloved French and Spanish teacher Jonathan Briggs will be leaving KO to pursue a new career in animal agriculture, specifically pig farming. Hoping to carve out his stake in the 20 billion dollar industry, Dr. Briggs purchased a farm previously belonging to Bobby C & Betty Tatum Hog Farm in Elizabethtown, North Carolina and is planning to move in this June.

While he has always enjoyed teaching, Dr. Briggs’ true passion has always been in pig farming. “There’s just nothing else like it. For me, it’s a truly transcendental experience,” he said. From a young age, pigs had always been a staple in Dr. Briggs’ life, as his family ran a pig farm in Illinois for much of his childhood. “Growing up around pigs and hog farmers cultivated a love of farming and nature in me from a young age,” Dr. Briggs said.

While the farm is for profit, Dr. Briggs’ primary goal is not monetary gain, but rather raising pigs to be prizewinners. “While making money never gets old, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching a pig you’ve raised become a prizewinner,” said Dr. Briggs.

Despite many pig farmers favoring Yorkshire pigs, Dr. Briggs is a Berkshire purist. A member of the American Berkshire Association, the oldest swine registry in the world, he is firmly of the belief that Berkshire pigs are the superior breed, in terms of meat quality, and an aesthetic standpoint. “From a contest standpoint, Berkshire pigs are without a doubt the way to go,” said Dr. Briggs.

Although he plans on devoting the majority of his energy to his farming endeavor, Dr. Briggs is not giving up teaching entirely, as he will be taking a position as a part time professor of livestock management at his alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Although he will certainly be missed, KO wishes Dr. Briggs luck with his new career path, and maybe, if we’re lucky, he’ll bring us back some bacon.