Senior Ellis Winfree: Simple and Stylish


by Sophia Kaufman’20

As a guy on the KO campus, senior Ellis Winfree certainly stands out in the crowd with his stylish fashion choices.

He often shows off looks that are for sure simple but different and represent him as a person.

When shopping, Ellis loves to look at stores such as Zara, Bershka and sometimes H&M. At all of these stores help Ellis pick out  creative, different, and unique outfit choices. Overall his favorite brand is Bershka where he finds the most success with shopping.  

Other than clothing, Ellis loves to shop for shoes and other accessories. He explained that his favorite piece of clothing is his CDG x Converse sneakers.

In addition, when shopping, he is often inspired by many different individuals. Certain fashion influencers that he looks up to are Tarot Egerton and Daniel Craig. Both of these designers have their own individual style with a twist for fun.

“When I am putting outfits together, I usually wear colors that are pretty simple, such as blacks, whites, greens, dark oranges, and yellow. I like to keep it pretty neutral, as it is easier to make statement outfits.” Ellis said.

It is clear that although his outfits are not necessarily the boldest and most colorful, they certainly make an impact on others around him.

In addition, Ellis states that he doesn’t love to wear the bright colors and busy patterns. “It might look good on a model or someone famous because they have a stylist putting together their outfits,” he said, “but, I think that you can make a statement to a large crowd in rolled jeans, a white T-shirt, and an overcoat. Very simple, but fashion-forward at the same time.”

Ellis says that he does not consider himself a trendsetter, but rather wears what looks the best on him; if people like it, then it is just another positive aspect.

“As a girl, I often look up to Ellis’s daily fashion looks,” junior Remy McCoy said. “He always is very presentable and looking nice no matter the day or weather. I think all guys should strive to dress like Ellis, and put in the same effort he does daily.”

Outside of the KO community, Ellis still strives to look presentable and fashion-forward, but on the weekends he states that his outfits are usually more relaxed. These outfits change per season and occasion.

Overall, the community has certainly enjoyed Ellis’s amazing fashion choices, along with his cool and calm outfits daily. We hope Ellis continues to show himself off through his looks, and continues