Prefects spoof faculty yoga


On Wednesday, May 22, the senior prefects performed the annual prefect skit. The skit was a chance for the senior prefects, with the permission of those being portrayed, to poke fun at some of the teachers and staff at KO.

This year, the lineup included senior Nicole Genga as history teacher Tricia Watson, senior Nell Schwartz as Head of College Advising Jami Silver, senior Mia Seymour as Director of Athletics Debbie Fiske, senior Robby Chughtai as history teacher Ted Levine, senior Tom Betts as science teacher Alex Kraus, and senior Mike Aronson as Coach Brad Seamen, Senior Claudia Petrie as librarian Nancy Solomon, senior Amy Mistri as school counselor Chastity Rodriguez, senior Nick Spina as math teacher Chris Vicevich, senior Charlie Coxon as Theater Director Kyle Reynolds, and senior Olivia Coxon as Upper School administrative assistant Lindsay Perkins.

This year the idea for the skit was a yoga session, something students who do strength and conditioning as a sport start every workout with. “We are going to have a yoga session with all the teachers and utilize everyone to make a memorable thing that is funny,” Nick said. Strength and conditioning was run by Coach Brad Seamen (played by Mike Aronson), and through his instructions, he led all of the teachers and staff being portrayed through yoga in the skit. This gave a chance for individual roles to shine while also having a cohesive theme.

Leading up to the performance, the seniors were excited to be putting on the skit. “I am pretty excited for it,” Nick said. “We have to run through it and practice it a bunch more, but I am pretty stoked. I think it’s going to be good.” Other senior prefects agreed with this sentiment prior to the performance. “I think people are going to enjoy the prefect skit,” Tom said. “We have been practicing it recently, so hopefully it will go smoothly on Wednesday.” The seniors also expressed a wish to do well but wondered how their skit would compare to last year’s senior prefect skit.

“Last year’s skit was really good,” Nick said. “They kind of threw it together last minute, but ours is planned out. They did still have a good skit, so I don’t know if we will beat it, but I think ours is pretty good.”Before the prefects are able to do the skit, they have to be given permission by anyone they want to depict. However, the prefects seemed excited to show their depictions to the teachers and staff they were playing. “I am excited to see what Vice thinks of how I play him,” Nick said before the performance.

Other prefects expressed a similar feeling before their performance. “I think Mr. Kraus will think [my depiction of him] is pretty funny,” Tom said. The senior prefects were excited leading up to the show and hoped that everyone would thoroughly enjoy their rendition of a yoga session.