Mrs. Levine retires after three decades of teaching


After over 30 years of a successful teaching career at KO, Middle School English teacher Lynne Levine bids farewell to all the wonderful memories, relationships, and connections she has made during her time here, as she plans a retirement dedicated to service and family.

Mrs. Levine attended the University of Michigan where she received her undergraduate degree in psychology and her M.S. in speech and hearing. In 1978, her husband, history teacher Ted Levine got a position at KO and told Mrs. Levine how much he loved it. In 1981, Mrs. Levine decided to join him at KO and also simultaneously completed classes to receive her M.A. in English from Trinity College. Prior to KO, Mrs. Levine worked in public schools. In 1991, Mrs. Levine took seven years off to have children and be with her family. She joined KO again in 1998 to continue teaching.

At KO, Mrs. Levine has held a multitude of roles and responsibilities. She has coached the mock trial team for seven years, and coached athletic teams such as girls B soccer, coed tennis, and squash. She has also taught Form 1 and Form 2 English, Form 1 Public Speaking, and, most recently, journalism. “Journalism has been really great since it is focused on writing,” Mrs. Levine said. “I can just workshop with the kids.”  

Mrs. Levine said that she will miss her time at KO, especially her experience being an advisor. “I will miss having that close relationship with the kids,” she said. “I love keeping track of what they are doing, going to their games and concerts. I just get so excited.”

Mrs. Levine said that she loves her job because she has the opportunity to  see her students grow. “What I like about it is that every year, there are kids who didn’t like English or thought they were bad at it, and I’ve seen that I’ve made a difference, helped them become a better writer, and seen this has been a good experience for them,” she said. “And English is the most interesting subject because they can relate to literature, to the world, and to themselves.”

Junior Amelia Boardman recalls her middle school days with Mrs. Levine. “She really taught me to write,” she said. “She just really loves her students, and you can tell, since she is dedicated to making sure everyone is successful. As a person, she is a really lovely, and I love talking to her.”

Mrs. Levine said that during her retirement, she looks forward to spending time with her mother and volunteering. She plans to work with math teacher David Herrera at Hartford Youth Scholars as a way to keep in touch with young people in a less demanding way. Mrs. Levine will also continue to coach the mock trial team for one more year.

“I owe the school a lot,” Mrs. Levine said. “Both my kids went through here, and it’s been a huge part of my family’s life. I’ve made a lot of close relationships with teachers, parents, and kids, and I really treasure all that.”

Mrs. Levine has made a positive impact on the KO community, and her vibrant personality, passion, and excitement will be missed. Thank you for all you have done and we wish you the best of luck for this next chapter in your life!



  • Esha Kataria

    Esha is the News Editor for the KO News. She comes to KO from her hometown of Ellington, CT, and is part of the class of 2020. She loves English class, playing tennis and volleyball, and the color dark purple.