Fashionista of the Month: Nick Stolfi


Senior Nick Stolfi certainly has a unique sense of style that he shows off in school every day. Nick states that he usually shops at the Westfarms Mall, or other places that have a wide variety of options. He claims that there isn’t one specific brand that he loves, but he rather focuses on the fit of the item and what looks good on.

“If I could describe my style in a few words it would be classic and sophisticated,” Nick said. “I never jump on trends or wear clothing with big brand logos, and I most often follow basic rules about colors and patterns. It creates a more timeless look.” Clearly, he shows a great sense of confidence as he sticks to his own sense of fashion despite the constantly rotating trends.

It is unlike many teenage boys to dress as sophisticated as Nick, truly expressing himself as an individual through his dress. He often comes into school donning classy dress shirts with several patterns that he color-coordinates with shorts or pants. He adds a special touch with unique shoes. In addition to his amazing outfits, Nick stated that a major component of his look and his favorite piece to sport is his loafers. He has many different styles of loafers and attempts to include them in all his outfits.

Another one of his favorite accessories is a watch. He likes watches that are slim and minimalistic with leather straps, which he said subtly adds style and fashion to his daily looks. This contributes to his classic and bold outfit choices.

Nick said he also looks to public figures once in a while for ideas of different looks. “I’m inspired by many celebrities and public figures on social media and YouTube,” said Nick. “However, I don’t try to resemble any one person with my fashion, and more importantly, I never try to look exactly like someone else. Everyone has a different frame and features, so it is important to wear what looks good on yourself, not what looks good on another person.”

Nick said he strives to show others the importance of staying true to oneself and hopes to inspire others to feel their best in whatever it is they themselves choose to wear. “I can’t say I’m a huge trendsetter at KO, but I hope for people around me to become more comfortable wearing things that aren’t necessarily the norm,” said Nick

In addition, Nick said that his style out of school as well on the weekends is similar to the outfits that he wears during the week, but usually a little more casual. He would wear jeans, chinos, or other items that are comfier. Additionally, Nick said that after coming to KO, his style has significantly changed. Going to a new school pushed him to step out of his comfort zone with his outfits and dress up more often. He stated that his fashion sense developed in his later years of high school from the wide range of people and overall culture of the KO community.

He strives to continue dressing with a bold and unique style later on in life, including in college. Overall, throughout Nick’s two years at KO, he has certainly stood out from the crowd with his different and wonderful sense of fashion; the KO community looks forward to seeing what comes next with his looks and new additions to the fashion world.