Keeping KO safe and secure


This fall, Kingswood Oxford will continue to add additional security measures to make sure that everyone in the community is safe at all times.

Although it has not been formally announced yet, KO has already made some progress in installing new security systems. Buzzer systems have already been installed in Lower Roberts and the Estes Middle School building. “There will be a buzzer, AI phone system, and you speak and the receptionist can see you through the camera,” Director of Facilities Larry Marciano said. “We already have the systems installed and working.”

Students and faculty will also be receiving key cards to open building doors around campus. Each of the plastic cards will have a photo ID, name, and a prenumbered chip, which will allow the card holder to unlock designated doors.

Mr. Marciano and Dean of Students Will Gilyard estimate that the doors will be unlocked when students arrive in the morning, at the end of the academic day, and through sports practices. Mr. Gilyard believes that the additional security measures will allow him to have a better understanding of who is on our campus.

“Just the fact that doors are locked improves security because right now, people in our neighborhood can just walk in to our buildings,” Mr. Gilyard said.

Mr. Gilyard discussed further security measures. “We also have cameras outside my office, the Middle School, and Nicholson,” Mr. Gilyard said. “People who come for a delivery have to come through that system and get a visitor’s pass. It is a good security measure to add on to what we already have.” He added that it will allow students to be able to access buildings on their own.

Mr. Marciano agreed with Mr. Gilyard. “Before, people can just come off the streets and walk into our buildings,” Mr. Marciano said. “In case there is some sort of attack on the school such as a shooter, the doors will be locked so they will not have access to our buildings easily. Unfortunately, in our day and age, these things happen.”

According to Mr. Marciano, when students use their cards to unlock doors, it will leave a timestamp. “All the cards are prenumbered,” Mr. Marciano said. “There is a chip in it with your number; it identifies you. When you go around to each door, the system reads the chip and it will pop up on my screen.”

If a key card is lost, students must report it missing. “Once you report a key card lost, I can immediately go in the system and delete it and it won’t work anymore,” Mr. Marciano said.

In addition, the card holder will be issued a new card with a fee, which is yet to be determined. “They cost money,” Mr. Gilyard said. “If you lose your card you can go to someone on campus to get a new one issued, but there will be a fee issued.”

Many students are looking forward to the additional security measures. “I think that the new security system will make the school safer because strangers can’t walk into our buildings,” sophomore Jon Sohn said. “I think it will also make it more convenient for us because we can open locked doors without having to ask a teacher.” The new security measures will make everyone feel safer.