Kristen Valenti


The Kingswood Oxford community is excited to welcome a new and passionate math teacher to the campus, none other than Kristen Valenti, an alumna of Mount Holyoke University and Southern Connecticut State University.

Before coming to KO, Ms. Valenti had 11 years of teaching experience, sharing her love of math and problem-solving in the Hamden Hall School as well as the Forman School. She said she decided to join KO because of the small class sizes in addition to the school’s encouragement of intellectual curiosity.

Ms. Valenti said she loves teaching because of the connections that she can make with her students and the opportunity to engage their interest in math. “I definitely want to pass on a love for learning and to ignite the desire to understand why things work the way they do inside my students,” Ms. Valenti said.” I think math is unique in the sense that it makes people think from different perspectives, which is important in any subject.”

Beyond her love for math, Ms. Valenti said that she also enjoys being outdoors and loves to go hiking in all seasons with her dog, Captain.

As a school, we are all excited to welcome you to our community, Ms. Valenti, and we hope this year is a great one!