Player of the Moment: Jackson Wolff


Senior Co-captain midfielder Jackson Wolff isn’t particularly known for his prowess on the soccer field. In fact he’s a basketball player, but that hasn’t stopped him from having a monumental impact on the boys varsity soccer team.

Head Coach Hikmet Aslan only has high praise for his captain. “Jackson is a rock in our defense,” Coach Aslan said. “He is a very physical player who is great when the ball is in the air.” This combination makes Wolff tremendous at set plays, as a majority of his goals from the prior season came off of corners and free kicks.

As much as Wolff adds on the field, he arguably adds even more off the field. “He is constantly communicating with me and talking about what he thinks the team needs to work on,” Coach Aslan said. According to senior Co-captain Jack Risley, Wolff became Coach Aslan’s right hand man last season and continues to be Coach Aslan’s voice in the locker room. Coach Aslan also prides Wolff on the way he assimilates the underclassmen to the varsity level. “He is a good model for the kids,” Coach Aslan said, “He works hard and puts effort in everyday.”

This is something Jackson prides himself on and probably a reason that he is a multisport captain. “I try to ask the same of the underclassmen as I do to the upperclassmen,” Wolff said. “By putting them in challenging situations, I believe they learn the most.” Wolff does this while striving to bring great energy on a consistent basis, allowing himself to be a person for others to look up to.

Being a multisport athlete, specifically a basketball player, has also helped Wolff on the soccer field. “Constantly sprinting and being able to make decisions quickly on the court has definitely helped me on the field,” he said. In fact, some of his basketball teammates see parallels between his style of play in basketball and soccer. “He is always making big plays and isn’t afraid of sharing the ball,” junior defender Hunter Meshanic said.

Wolff is hoping to have a fun experience in his final soccer season this year, but also (and not surprisingly) Wolff is looking to win. “I want to make the playoffs while improving as a team,” Wolff said.