Player of the Moment: Kathryn Westrick


You might know her from smashing volleyballs or from leading her team to victory. The player of the moment for girls varsity volleyball is senior Co-captain setter Kathryn Westrick. She has been playing volleyball for five years now, three of which have been for Kingswood Oxford. She is known to be a well rounded and competitive player, as well as a great leader on and off the court. Head Coach Scott McDonald said that she is a fierce competitor in both practices and games, as well as a role model for new players. “Kathryn has always been one of our best players,” Coach McDonald said. “Her ability to play multiple positions makes her an important part of the team.”

Westrick loves her teammates and is always excited to play. She likes being one of the older players as she can coach new players and create a supportive atmosphere during practices and games. “I love being a part of such a great team,” Westrick said. “I find volleyball so fun, and to be able to play with some of my best friends is amazing.”

Coach McDonald is very pleased the way Westrick started out the season. Westrick has recently switched her position. Last season, she was a middle hitter whereas now she has become a setter. “She played really well in the first game against Williston,” said Coach McDonald, “She had a smooth transition to her new position, and her setting was very consistent.”

Westrick said she always tries to be a team player. “I’ll play wherever my team needs me to,’’ Westrick said. Westrick also added that she has become much more comfortable setting the ball in games but needs to continue on improving her communication with her teammates. Westrick is improving her setting everyday, and has become a force to be reckoned with. Learning a new position so fast is an amazing accomplishment. Westrick is constantly working day in and day out to become the best setter she can.

Being a senior, Westrick has a lot to prove in her final season. Coach McDonald is confident Westrick will have her best season yet and Westrick will become a successful setter. One of Westrick’s main goals for the season is to lead her team to the postseason tournament. It is only the beginning of the season for Westrik and her team, and they are shaping up to be the team to beat.