Trivia fosters community


On Thursday, Sept. 5, the Upper School had its first “Trivia Tuesday,” where students ate lunch and competed in a trivia contest with their advisee group with the goal of spending some quality time with their peers. This charge was lead by Dean of Students Will Gilyard and the form deans. The trivia contest was to name social media apps based on their logo and then answer miscellaneous questions.

Mr. Gilyard coined the name “Trivia Tuesdays” and although this one happened to occur on a Thursday, he has more planned for every third Tuesday in the upcoming months. He also plans to change the groupings from month to month, between grades and with people outside of their advisee group. “I think we want to bring more joy and spiritedness to the place,” Mr. Gilyard said, looking towards future lunches. “So what better way to do that than have a little community time to solve some problems.”

Students seemed to have a positive reaction. “I loved it,” sophomore Max-William Kanz said. “I liked the advisee atmosphere, and it felt more welcome than usual.” History teacher and Form 4 Dean David Baker liked the grouping by advisee group, as it gave the students a common thread to talk about; the apprehensiveness that comes with sitting with new people wasn’t there. “I think it created conversation, specifically for Forms 3 and 4, where advisee groups tend to want to talk to adults less,” Mr. Baker said.

Mr. Baker had thoughts on how lunches could improve in the future. While sitting down with a faculty member helped build community, he said students might have felt a bit unsettled. “I think for all grade levels, it’s a good thing, every now and then, to sit with a teacher or advisor,” he said. “That’s another way to build community. It would be pretty cool if that was more normalized.” While he also thought adding background music and a better variety of trivia could be a good idea, he thought the event was an overall success.

Students can also look forward to more of these events throughout the year, with one every month.

While trivia lunch was not only meant for students to get together with their advisee groups, it also created a calmer environment in the lunchroom, all while building community here on campus.