Fashionista of the Month


Fun, cute, silly, and sweet sophomore Natalia Correa continues to show off her amazing sense of fashion. Natalia loves to wear colorful and fun outfits to brighten her day and spirits at school. She often wears pinks, blues, whites, and other vibrant options. Within these color ranges, she often goes to several different stores such as American Eagle, Pac Sun, Garage, and Francesca’s, in addition to some online shopping for fun.

While shopping, she also loves to look for new accessories to add to her daily outfits and collection. These include all sorts of jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and sometimes sunglasses depending on the weather. With all of these accessories, Natalia sure knows how to style and complete an amazing look.

Outside of school, Natalia loves to dress in more comfy and relaxing clothes. She is often playing soccer or basketball, so she can be seen wearing all sorts of athletic clothing, such as shorts, t-shirts, sneakers, or pajamas. Due to the dress code, she finds it a nice time to relax and wear more comfortable clothing without boundaries.

As Natalia has grown up, she has been inspired by several different people and gone in a different direction than her past. She states that her fashion has changed dramatically over recent years because of adjusting to the KO dress code and learning her real sense of style. Natalia’s former school required a uniform, so there was not a lot of room for individuality; however, she now is able to wear simple but interesting outfits with more accessories than before.

“My style has also for sure changed due to my friends. I used to buy everything from Justice in sixth grade, and they saved me, gave me better fashion advice as I grew up.” In addition, she stated that she spends more time now on choosing her daily looks, which she usually picks out the night before or earlier in advance.

Natalia also said her favorite season is summer because she loves to wear typical warm-weather clothes. With summer, it also brings brighter colors, which she feels great wearing. “I really don’t like dark-colored clothes, but I, of course, can’t wear a lot of pink and white during the winter so I like the summer when I can wear those colors I love.”

Her bright and fun wardrobe certainly influences several people in her life outside of school and in the KO community. She recommends to people all over that to earn confidence within one’s fashion sense and daily outfits, that the individual needs to feel comfortable and genuinely like what they are wearing. She also recommends never judging others’ outfits because everyone has their own unique personality and likes different things.

“I, for sure, never judge anyone on their outfits because I have definitely gone through various phases where my clothing choices are questionable.” Although Natalia doesn’t consider herself a trendsetter, she has made her mark in the KO community and will continue to thrive in this environment for her next few years in high school.

We look forward to seeing more looks from Natalia and even more growth within her fashion.