Friends make the cut


Care beyond self is among the core values at KO that students follow in their daily lives. This fall, the varsity boys soccer team exemplified this value, by coming together to support their teammate. Senior John Doar has been fighting and recovering from cancer since the beginning of this past summer. Unfortunately, this meant that he would have to miss his senior year on the boys varsity soccer team. Despite this, John’s teammates were there to support him with an unbelievable act of kindness and friendship.

About midway through John’s treatments, he began to lose his hair, something he was dreading. Without any doubt or reluctance, teammates arrived at Supercuts to have their heads buzzed, after hearing John planned to do so. Senior Hayden Smith was the first to sit in the barber chair. “I was apprehensive at first, but then I realized I should lead the charge,” he said. After this, other teammates began to line up to have their heads shaved, and everyone agreed to take part.

Sophomore Aaron Rotter had Doar’s initials shaved into the side of his head. “I would do anything for not only my teammate but for my friend John, so shaving my head was easy for me to do,” Aaron said. Juniors Carter and Hunter Meshanic could not make it when part of the team went to Supercuts. Instead, they had their mom shave their heads at home. Additionally, senior Jamie Scarpantonio chopped off ten inches off of her hair and donated it to a cancer organization that makes wigs from hair.

John said he was overwhelmed by the generosity of all of his friends. “It was cool so see that everyone was doing this for me and how quick everyone was to support me through a tough time,” he said. “Shaving our heads really brought us closer as a team, and we began to act more like a family, supporting each other and being there for each other,” added senior Kyler Dzielak. The team also had the motivation to do their best in their games and work together. “Walking onto the field with buzz cuts was fun because it makes us seem more intimidating,” said Hayden.

In the game against Northwood, a challenging opponent, the team was nervous going into the game. However, Hayden thinks the team received inspiration from John, resulting in a victory. The KO community is known for helping and supporting each other. To have an entire team shave their heads for their close friend was an act of true kindness.