Kulak creates


Always one for the arts, senior Juliana Kulak is the newest Artist of the Month. Whether it be drawing, painting, or graphic design, Juliana can and will do it all with her own creative flair. Once a very serious ballet dancer, Juliana said she did not become invested in the visual arts until middle school. “I injured my knee in the seventh grade and had to stop dancing, so I turned to visual arts for my new creative outlet.” Since then, Juliana said her art career at KO includes almost every art class that she could do: Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Portfolio Prep, Advanced Studio Art, an independent study with art teacher Katie Burnett, and AP Art History.

Juliana said that out of all the mediums she has tried out in school, she likes drawing the most. “Drawing, while on its own is very enjoyable, can eventually be translated into most other mediums as well, which is what makes it so unique yet versatile,” she said. For example, Juliana said that drawing is a critical part of graphic design, especially for her more elaborate projects. One of her favorite works in graphic design was one she completed last year, a logo for a future insurance event. “The company asked me to design a logo for a special event that had a 60’s vibe, two blue geese, the Colt factory, and the company logo in it, so it was fun figuring how to work that out,” she said.

An entrepreneur, Juliana created this logo along with many other designs as part of her namesake business, Juliana Kulak Designs. Having started out making posters for her older brother Jake Kulak’s band, Juliana said she began receiving more recognition for her designs as Jake started to play more and more, and so she decided to turn it into her own business. According to Juliana, organizations usually contact her first with an idea for a design they would like her to make, which she will then sketch out. After conferring back and forth for a while, Juliana said she draws a final version, sends it to the organization or company, and is paid.

Already garnering a myriad of successes both inside the classroom and out, Juliana said that in college she plans to pursue the arts, specifically industrial design, while incorporating business and consumer psychology. Juliana said she would like to take the time to thank all the faculty in the arts department for the time, effort, and help they have provided her throughout her time at KO. “I really love the whole arts department here, and I enjoyed having Mr. McDonald, Mr. Scranton, and Ms. Burnett all in a row,” she said. Be sure to check out her work at julianakulak.com, and ask her about her passion for art!