Player of the Moment: Gianna Christiana ’22


This sophomore is seen either scoring goals or stopping goals on the defensive side of the field. The player of the moment for girls varsity soccer is sophomore center back Gianna Christiana.

Christiana has been a part of the Kingswood Oxford girls varsity soccer team for three years now and started when she was in eighth grade at the school. She has personally been playing soccer since the age of three. Last year she was a leader by example on and off the field but this year she has become a more vocal leader on the field. “Gianna is one of the more vocal leaders on our team this year.” Coach McCarthy said.

Christiana loves her team and brings her all every practice and game. “She gives her all in both practice and games,” Assistant Coach Katie McCarthy said. “She gives 110% in everything she does.” She has improved drastically on the field with her confidence in bringing the ball down the field and stepping up on players when being an aggressive defensive player. “I have improved on my first touch and my fitness level,” Christiana said. Her goals reflect on what she has improved on this year, including keeping a positive mindset throughout the later half of the year. “Even when the game does not go our way, I want to play hard and never give up,” she said.

She plays outside back or stopper, yet she also has learned to bring the ball up the field and now is making great offensive plays. “She steps into players aggressively, and she also receives the ball now and moves forward to distribute the play,” Coach McCarthy said. “In recent games against Ethel Walker and Pomfret, she has really stepped up multiple times by being aggressive and getting into the offensive to help create scoring opportunities,” said Coach McCarthy. Christiana wants the team to keep a positive mindset, have fun playing the game, and always showing great sportsmanship.

Christiana said she hopes to grow as player with two more years of KO soccer ahead. She said she wants to work on her communication, working to get every ball that comes to her and improving her placement on her corner kicks. Come see Christiana and the girls varsity soccer team against Hotchkiss on Saturday Oct. 26 at 5:15 p.m. on the grass fields.