Student Government starts the school year


On Wednesday, Sept. 25, the Kingswood Oxford Student Government Association held its senatorial elections for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, as well as the freshman presidential election. Later on the freshman senatorial election was held on Wednesday Oct. 2. For the senatorial elections, the freshmen had five candidates, sophomores had nine candidates, juniors had two candidates, and seniors with three candidates running. The race was tight, especially for the underclassmen, as only the two top candidates as voted by their classmates win a spot in the senate for underclassmen, with three spots for upperclassmen. 

The Presidents and Vice presidents of each class were chosen at the end of the 2018-2019 school year. Last year there were two senator spots for freshmen, three for sophomores, four for juniors, and five for seniors. “This change was proposed by the student government last year and we had the student body vote on it,” sophomore senator David Shi said.

Although there is a vacant junior senator seat, no special elections will be held due to not enough interest shown before the deadline. “I was disappointed that there wasn’t more of a turnout for junior and senior classes,” English teacher and SGA advisor Mela Frye said. “Hopefully next year we will be able to fill all of the spots.”

Student government most recently worked on planning the homecoming dance which happened on Saturday, Oct. 19, and Spirit Week, the week leading up to homecoming. “We worked a lot on brainstorming themes for spirit week and voting on themes,” senior senator Marwynn Somridhivej said. 

Theme choices were proposed during a meeting by junior sSenator Sloan Duvall and junior Vice President Sadie Margolis. Later, they voted on one of the themes. On Monday, Oct. 7, Sloan and Sadie sent an email attached with a videovideo attached to an email to the whole school to announce the theme, which is “KOral Reef”. Their email contained details such as snacks at the dance, six dollar admission, a photo booth, and decorations. They also attached a Ggoogle Fform for song requests. 

Each day of spirit week which took place from Oct. 15, through Oct. 18, has a theme,—all of which were chosen by student government—, and students wereare allowed to dress down according to the theme. “During the meeting we took time to brainstorm some ideas for spirit week,” David said. “I think that people will like the themes.” This year’s spirit day themes were announced in an email by senior Speaker Jacqui Ouellette. The themes were internet meme day, pajama day, tropical day, and KO spiritcolors day. She added that students must come to school dressed in accordance with the theme or stay in regular dress code. 

Student government also held a scavenger hunt on Thursday, Oct. 17. Tennis balls were placed throughout the campus and there were prizes for people who found them. Prizes included KO bumper stickers, a free breakfast sandwich, three3 gift cards, a snack pack, free admission to homecoming and a framed picture of Head of School Tom Dillow, signed by him. Although many students liked the prizes, some thoughtthoughts finding the balls were too easy. “The tennis balls weren’t hidden well so it was too easy to find them,” said sophomore Aakashn Gunturu.

Overall, spirit week and Homecoming was a big success. Although many students liked it, some thought there could have been improvements. “I liked how SGA and SAAC decided to revamp spirit week this year, said sophomore but the themes could have been better,” said sophomore Olivia Reynolds.