DiSanto dresses up, shows style


Adhering to the school dress code is certainly difficult at times, but alumna, advisor, coach, physics teacher, and Fashionista of the Month Kathleen DiSanto sure knows how to make a fashion statement.

Since her time at KO as a student, she has seen a huge transformation in the dress code and said that nowadays, it is certainly more flexible than when she was at KO. “We had to wear khaki type pants with weird pockets on the back that made me feel like I was wearing guy pants,” she said. This, of course, didn’t allow the kids back then to express themselves through their clothing. Nowadays, she thinks it is very nice that the KO students have the freedom to wear what they think fits them and lets them feel more confident and comfortable.

Although she thinks the dress code now is better, she states that sometimes students take advantage of the looser dress code. However, when used correctly, she said it represents a positive change for KO.

Mrs. DiSanto said that her sense of style and favorite outfits are often inspired by Julia Roberts because of her sophisticated and conservative looks. Mrs. DiSanto loves to shop at stores such as Anthropology, Bodin, and Target, as they offer her an amazing range of directions. Within these stores, she usually gravitates towards richer colors in the seasons of fall and winter. Some of these colors include burgundy and dark grey, as well as pops of color, including yellows, pinks, and subtle greens.

She also loves to add accessories to her daily outfits. She often wears stacking rings and funky earrings, which add flair to her daily looks. On the weekends, her daily fashion looks are different than during the week at school. At home, she often wears more relaxed clothing such as sweatshirts and leggings.

Overall, Mrs. DiSanto said that during her time as a teacher, she has for sure figured out her real sense of style. With this, she recommends to all kids and adults to dress in clothing that makes them feel happy.

“Nowadays everything is so serious, so have fun with it. And if it makes you smile, she said it is the way to go. Do what makes you happy and feel like your best self,” she said. We hope to continue to see all of Mrs. DiSanto’s daily looks and inspirations around the community.