Third annual fall feast for fourth formers


On Monday, Oct. 28, during advisee group, the sophomore class gathered in the library for their “festi-fall” breakfast, the first of four breakfasts this year. 

This tradition started two years ago. During an advisor meeting, advisors were brainstorming ways to introduce and include 12 new sophomores into the community. According to Form 4 Dean David Baker, French teacher Dr. Jonathan Briggs, and librarian Nancy Solomon proposed the idea of having a brunch in September with random seating. Following the first form brunch, advisors thought that they were successful in their mission to include new sophomores in the community, and that the students enjoyed it. “Not only did the 12 new sophomores get included, we found that a bunch of returning sophomores who didn’t really know others were now in a position to talk with others,” Mr. Baker said. “They told us how much they liked it.”

From then on, Dr. Briggs and Mrs. Solomon decided to run the next three brunches that year and all of them the following year for the new freshman class. Now that Dr. Briggs is retired, according to Mr. Baker, Mrs. Solomon played a larger role in planning the brunch. “Mrs. Solomon very much ran our brunch which I really appreciate,” Mr. Baker said. 

In the past years, almost all of the funding for the brunches came from Dr. Briggs. As a result, the sophomore Student Government was tasked with finding a way to fund the brunch, with Mr. Baker and Mrs. Solomon’s assistance. “One of the challenges of running the brunch this year was the budget,” sophomore senator David Shi said. Originally the sophomore student government planned to collect two dollars from each member of the sophomore class. This was announced in a form meeting and an email, which was written by sophomore President Olivia Kittleman. 

In a later form meeting, Mr. Baker announced that he would be covering the entire cost of the brunch with his form dean budget along with food donations from parents. “Seeing parents supporting the community is always great,” Mr. Baker said. Following the announcement, he sent an email to the sophomore student government about ways to fund the future brunches, now that a large amount of the budget has been used.

Pancakes, maple syrup, bacon, hot chocolate, apple cider, and candy were served at the brunch. Autumn themed tablecloths and decorations were placed on each table. The library was also decorated with autumn themed items which included a scarecrow. “The food was great and decorations were set up well,” sophomore Aakash Gunturu said.

On Sunday, Oct. 27, four parents came in to help Mrs. Solomon with arranging the furniture and decorations. According to Mrs. Solomon, it took them a bit over an hour to finish, which was much less than she had anticipated. “They were so helpful,” Mrs. Solomon said.

Students and teachers alike thought that the brunch gave them time to relax, be happy, and eat good food. Mr. Baker’s favorite thing about the brunch was seeing people happy on a Monday morning and seeing classmates being able to hang out and not solely talking about classes or sports. 

Mrs. Solomon said she agreed with Mr. Baker. “Everyone gets a chance to come in, hangout, have a good time, have nice food and enjoy themselves,” she said, “No one is talking about ‘I have a test this afternoon, I better go study’. It’s just strictly half an hour of relaxing, enjoying and having fun.” 

Students said they agreed. “It gives students time to relax and not stress about school related things and also have good food,” sophomore Teddy Schwartz said.

Overall it was a great time for students to relax, have good food, and talk to friends.